ReadyPulse Launches Pulse Ambassadors

Brand Ambassador Programs


At ReadyPulse – we know great customer content drives online sales. And we know that the best customer content comes from your best customers. With that in mind…drum roll please…

ReadyPulse is excited to launch Pulse Ambassadors.

Pulse Ambassadors provides clients with a white-labeled, hosted brand ambassador portal that makes it easy to:

  • Find social influencers for your brand ambassador program
  • Run social content campaigns to collect user photos, videos, and testimonials with consent to use the content in your marketing campaigns
  • Gather complete social profile information of all ambassadors
  • Tag, segment, manage thousands of brand ambassadors
  • Recruit new ambassadors
  • Communicate easily back and forth on an individual or group basis
  • Create custom content marketing campaigns
  • Track and measure the success of each ambassadors campaign influence
  • Provide visibility to ambassadors on where their content is being used and how it is performing.

With Pulse Ambassadors you will be able to generate compelling, authentic, engaging content to be displayed on product pages, in emails, on Facebook tabs, in-store displays, and as rich media ads. Every new product launch can be seeded with social proof from all of your best customers and advocates. You will save time and energy, build concrete relationships with your brand influencers, accurately measure the success of your influencer marketing campaigns, and create a community for your brand ambassadors. Pulse Ambassadors is unlike any other CRM tool because it measures the value of each ambassadors influence by providing insights on how often they post, what type of content they create, how many clicks they influenced, how many conversions they generated, and overall performance in your campaigns. Understanding your ambassadors influence on an individual basis is crucial for the success of each campaign. With Pulse Ambassadors you can easily assign ambassadors to campaigns where their influence will be the most effective. Within your ambassador portal your ambassadors have the ability to access and comment on content from all other ambassadors, have direct access to communicate with you and other ambassadors, and compare their influence insights to other ambassadors. Creating open communication within your brand ambassador program will spark healthy competition between ambassadors, and they will create compelling content again and again.

With Pulse Ambassadors your ambassadors are interested, invested, and influential. Request a demo for more information about ReadyPulse’s end-to-end solution for brand ambassador programs.

Written By

Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.