The Best Times to Post on Instagram

Managing an Instagram account can take careful planning and consideration. If you’re part of the Experticity Influencer Network, you know that the images you contribute to campaigns matter.

I’m a Teen, Look What I Bought

In today’s Wall Street Journal article “I’m a Teen, Watch me Shop” the emphasis was based on three teen’s one day mall experience that fast fashion retailers like H&M and

Like-Gate Is Dead!

In an effort to continue its cleanup of users’ newsfeeds, Facebook announced a few weeks ago that as of November 5, it would no longer permit brands and apps to

User Generated Content #WOMMAChat

“There is a distinction to be made between labeling something as an advertisement and telling the consumer who the content is from,” – Jon Steinberg, President & COO, BuzzFeed Can you tell

4 Ways to Drive UGC

User generated content (UGC) first emerged as an outlet for people to express their thoughts and share their daily life with their network of friends.

Word of Mouth Through Triggers

Last month, WOMMA was fortunate enough to have viral expert Jonah Berger come speak at our annual WOMM-U conference in Chicago where he discussed his six steps towards creating contagious

My Social Valentine

A Social Valentine’s Day – 4 Campaigns for your success on Valentine’s Day Chocolate, roses, hearts, and a fancy dinner – isn’t that what usually comes to mind on Valentine’s

My $900 Tweet …

Try to wrap your brain around this fact: there are more than 200 social networking sites currently available today. Say what?!