Customer Story

"We have been using ReadyPulse to function as our source and our record of social content and social ambassadors."

Jillian Dahle

FINIS, Marketing Coordinator & Community Development

FINIS Displays Sponsored Athlete and Fan UGC on E-Commerce, Inspires 16% of Site Visitors to Click Thru

Summary: FINIS leveraged the ReadyPulse platform to surface their most engaging social content from fans, run campaigns to collect content from their sponsored athletes, and display the content as shop-able galleries on their e-commerce.

John Mix and Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Pablo Morales founded FINIS in 1993 in Northern California. Since that time, technical development and design has remained the highest priority at FINIS. This dedication has resulted in unique products like the Swimmer’s Snorkel, which is recognized as the paramount tool to improve a swimmer’s technique; the Neptune MP3, which uses bone conduction technology to transmit music to the inner ear instead; and the Z2 Zoomers fins, which demonstrate an intimate understanding of swimming musculature, hydrodynamics, and engineering. Today, FINIS continues to simplify swimming through technical innovation, high quality products and a commitment to education.

finis_case_study_imageFINIS’ Challenge
Although FINIS has had a strong presence in the marketplace for over two decades, the company understood that, in order to remain competitive and grow their brand, they would have to engage their customers in an entirely different way. What FINIS has going for them, among other things, is an incredibly loyal fan base. ReadyPulse knew that they could help FINIS leverage their best marketing asset, to increase engagement and revenue. The content generated by their fans and athletes could essentially do the company’s heavy lifting for them.

Taking the Plunge
FINIS tapped ReadyPulse’s technology to identify, collect, and leverage compelling social content from their biggest fans and best sponsored athletes for use on their e-commerce product, category, home, and athlete pages. Convinced that if they could engage consumers with this content, they would be inspired to purchase the products featured in the content. FINIS partnered with ReadyPulse to devise a tailor-made brand ambassador program that would fuel their marketing, drive engagement, improve conversion rates, and increase revenues.

A Gold Medal Solution
Pulse Marketing Suite
FINIS used the collective muscle of Pulse Stories and Pulse Ambassadors to create “Introduce Yourself,” a UGC campaign that brought together FINIS’ community of fans and athletes. The content generated from this campaign skyrocketed FINIS’ customer engagement and inspired double-digit page viewer clicks.

Pulse Stories
FINIS utilized Pulse Stories to display social content on their home page, category pages, product detail pages, community page, and athlete pages.

When FINIS discovered 16% of their site visitors clicked on a piece of content they knew inspirational content from their best fans and athletes was the social bait they needed.

At the onset, Pulse Stories took the guesswork out of how FINIS would go about curating the best fan content on their website and obtaining usage rights for that content, as well as how and where to best display that content for maximum impact. With Pulse Stories in place, FINIS was able to effortlessly identify their brand’s top digital influencers and the social photos and videos in which FINIS products were featured — from wherever they appeared on the web. Social content automatically mined from these sites was then displayed with “Buy Now” product association on FINIS e-commerce pages.

The results? A 50% customer engagement rate and a 73% increase in average order value.

“The last three months have been pretty exciting to see how ReadyPulse has helped drive traffic, drive engagement, and — ultimately — drive revenue through our website… To see return on the investment right off the bat is really exciting,”
— Josh Early, Marketing Manager, FINIS

Pulse Ambassadors
While Pulse Stories was busy curating existing social content from FINIS fans, FINIS put Pulse Ambassadors to work casting an ever wider net that would actively solicit content from FINIS’ sponsored athletes and top influencers.

The objective was to incentivize FINIS brand ambassadors to create and share high-quality, product-relevant photos and videos. And FINIS’ brand ambassadors responded, increasing social buzz around the company’s products at an incredible rate.

In fact, their first campaign “Introduce Yourself” generated a total of 1,548 pieces of content, with the number of per-participant social videos and photos submitted averaging 5.71. The campaign also produced enormous social buzz with 1,511 hashtag mentions, reaching nearly 2.2 million viewers, and engaging 38,458 consumers.

“We have been using ReadyPulse to function as our source and our record of social content and social ambassadors”
— Jillian Dahle, Marketing Coordinator & Community Development, FINIS

Pulse Stories Lifetime Results

  • Engagement: 50%
  • AOV Increase: 73%

Pulse Ambassadors Lifetime Results

  • Total Content: 2,967
  • Average # of Content Per Participant: 3.3
  • Hashtag Mentions: 2,911
  • Reach: 4,258,756
  • Engagement: 77,794

Watch a short video interview with Josh Early and Jillian Dahle for more information about how FINIS leverages ReadyPulse for their influencer marketing.

About ReadyPulse
ReadyPulse is changing the face of digital marketing and delivering social proof on-demand and at scale. Pulse Marketing Suite is a system of record for social content and social ambassadors for enterprise brands and retailers such as Nickelodeon, The North Face, and Reebok. A B2B, enterprise SaaS content commerce platform, Pulse Marketing Suite is the most effective way to leverage social media photos and influencers, helping enterprise brands and retailers drive commerce with 100% authorized, high quality, product relevant social user-generated content. To do this, Pulse Marketing Suite utilizes patented technology to identify the best 1% of photos and videos curated from hashtags, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, brand website, and the Pulse Ambassador portal. This technology enables digital marketers to identify and recruit the most influential social users as opt-in brand ambassadors, activate marketing campaigns on-demand, and amplify high quality, product relevant, authorized content in context of e-commerce experiences. What results are significant, measurable increases in social referrals, web engagement, and e-commerce conversions.

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