Customer Story

"LikeItWant.It is the perfect tool to marry the beautiful essence of our brand to the crucial product facts that, together, influence a consumer to buy."

Tyler Porteous

COOLA Suncare, VP, Marketing and Business Development

LikeItWant.It Drives 40% of COOLA Suncare’s Referral Site Traffic

Summary: COOLA Suncare is an organic skincare brand specializing in sun protection and skincare products. With a product that is seasonal to a majority of consumers, COOLA needed a more effective way to build their brand loyalty, target their core consumer, and measure and report on an ROI. Having partnered with ReadyPulse for over two years, utilizing Pulse Stories and Pulse Ambassadors, COOLA quickly embraced LikeItWant.It and was an early adopter of this powerful product.

About COOLA Suncare
COOLA Suncare is paving the way for a brighter, ecocentric, skincare industry. Based in San Diego, California, this brand is on a quest to spoil the skin with the purest eco-conscious products and ones that are developed with a Farm-to-Face sourcing approach that uses as many natural, organic, sustainable, and locally sourced ingredients as possible. Green yet luxurious, these products protect and nourish the skin with vitamins and age-defying antioxidants, while remaining free of parabens, paba, petroleum, and phthalates.

COOLA’s Challenge
As with any other brand, COOLA’s main challenge is targeting the right consumer year round without blazing through their budget. As a skincare brand specializing in organic sunscreen, their product is the most in-demand during the summer season, and at frequently traveled sunny destinations. COOLA’s consumer needs product education and third-party validation before most will convert (something that’s never a consideration for fashion brands) adds an additional layer of complexity for their marketing team.

Brands that find themselves in a similar situation to COOLA’s often turn to editorial advertisements in trendy, current magazines in hopes of reaching their target audience. But such an approach is often more of a challenge than it is worth. That’s because, without a method for tracking a customer’s activity after the advertorial impression is made, there is no clear way to determine whether or not the customer was influenced by the ad.

For this reason, COOLA focuses mainly on strategic ad buys based on season, new product launches, and retailer launches. What’s more, the company wisely stays away from year-round social ads, which, as the brand knows from experience, only ever reach a small percentage of their overall fan base but place undue (and hard-to-measure) demands on staffing and maintenance — a strategy that’s never scalable.

COOLA quickly realized that what was needed first was a way to make an impression on their Instagram users that would influence them to learn more, and then the ability to follow the path those consumers took from social, to e-commerce, to conversion. After all, immediately purchasing a product from COOLA’s e-commerce site isn’t the only way their team measures success. That’s because their customer reacts to a compelling event to buy, but might choose to buy the product on their next vacation. Therefore, being able to measure impressions, time on page, and repeat site visitors to determine their customer acquisition costs and effectiveness is critical to their strategy.

Enter LikeItWant.It, ReadyPulses’s powerful platform that turns every Instagram feed into an Instagram boutique.

“Facebook is so inundated with so many people, no matter how you target or segment your ad, you still are reaching passive consumers, the ones that just like everything. With Facebook, it’s easy to like a page, and then become a passive fan. Just because a consumer likes our page or an ad doesn’t mean they’ll even try our product, let alone become loyal customers. But Instagram is the total flip to Facebook right now. You can capture engagement metrics with hashtags. It’s more of a true measure that I do have consumers interacting with my brand. On Instagram, you have more page visibility and it is easier for users to unfollow or unlike photos, so you see more daily fluctuation.”
– Tyler Porteous, VP, Marketing and Business Development, COOLA Suncare

LikeItWant.It: Reaching Customers the Organic Way
COOLA Suncare leveraged LikeItWant.It to drive consumers effortlessly from their Instagram photos to their e-commerce product detail pages. What’s more, LikeItWant.It was able to shed new light on COOLA’s Instagram strategy, making LikeItWant.It the company’s most valuable driver of referrals. As a result, COOLA is now able not only to provide education to consumers quickly and easily, but track and measure the consumer’s site activity to improve customer acquisition as well.

COOLA leverages LikeItWant.It to inspire consumers with beautiful Instagram content. And, thanks to LikeItWant.It’s ability to mirror COOLA Suncare’s Instagram feed by linking each photo to a custom call-to-action, these consumers are authentically influenced to learn more about COOLA’s products. That’s because, when a consumer clicks on a photo, they are immediately taken to the product detail page that features the item in the photo and provides them with the information they need to make a buying decision.

“LikeItWant.It is the perfect tool to marry the beautiful essence of our brand to the crucial product facts that, together, influence a consumer to buy. Finding the perfect way to incorporate both together and at what ratio is the challenge all marketers face, and LikeItWant.It helped us determine our winning strategy.”
– Tyler Porteous, VP, Marketing and Business Development, COOLA Suncare


• 60% Click-Through Rate
• 40% of Referral Site Traffic
• $0.24 CPC

“Having pure, digestible, analytics around the traffic being driven from Instagram is great. When I am working with my CEO, finance, and sales teams I can show them the metrics they need to understand the value of our investment.”
– Tyler Porteous, VP, Marketing and Business Development, COOLA Suncare

About ReadyPulse
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