Which Brands Post It Better on Instagram – User Generated Content vs. Brand Content

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Most Fashion brands are on Instagram, but only a few have great content. In this infographic, ReadyPulse measures the quality of the Instagram photos/videos shared by 9 Fashion Digital LA brands.

Main Takeaways

  • American Apparel has the most quality content across both UGC and brand content (shared byAmerican Apparel)
  • User generated content (UGC) has higher quality over brand generated content across all 9 brands
  • 4 Fashion brands stand out with most UGC. They are Benefit Clothing, American Apparel, TOMS, and Alex and Ani

How is Pulse Score for Instagram Posts computed?
Pulse Score is a measure of content quality powered by ReadyPulse patented technology. Pulse Score is measured using four inputs – the community influence and advocacy of the content creator, content type, sentiment, and content engagement. A social media post such as Instagram photos and videos can get a maximum of 100 as Pulse Score.

What does this mean to Brands?
Brand marketers have a great opportunity based on these results.

  • User Generated Content (UGC) can be better or at least as good as brand generated content. But UGC has the added advantage of coming from social users giving social proof and authenticity. Consumers trust content and recommendations from their peers much more than they trust brand-driven advertising.
  • Brands can scale down the creation of the content and scale up generating UGC through their brand ambassadors. This can help reduce costs of content creation and at the same time result in better engagement and click-throughs.
  • For those brands using UGC in their marketing, it is important to find which UGC is the best from quality perspective so that they can get better results. Hence, scoring the UGC becomes most important to get best results.

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Written By

Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.