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We put your brand and campaigns in front of the best influencers in minutes. Whether you’re launching a new holiday campaign, building buzz on social or recruiting influencers for your brand ambassador program, ReadyPulse has the best solution to supercharge your efforts fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ReadyPulse Influencer Network consists of high-qualified, vetted influencers that match detailed criteria and have a high-level of influence within a specific industry or market. To ensure you get the best influencers with the right followers in a specific market, we have you identify the characteristics, interests and behaviors of your target audience. Once this is identified, we’re able to quickly target the best influencers that attract your target audience. It’s been proven that people follow influencers across social networks that have similar interests to their own, in regards to his or her ideas, aspirations or lifestyle. People naturally model and trust the individuals they decide, on their own, to follow — hence the growth of organic social proof and influencer marketing. In today’s world of social influence, followers expect to see posts relevant to their interests. If the don’t, they don’t follow that influencer. So if you properly identify the right persona, we connect your campaign with the best influencers who have followers in your target market.

On average, each of our influencers has a reach of over 38K people often including additional influencers that fall in your target market too. Influencer participation is contingent on the type of campaign you’re running and the goals, incentives and target audience for your campaign. Our experts launch your campaign using best practices and tools to attract the greatest number of influencers to ensure the upmost success of your campaign. Our experts also continuously monitor the engagement of your campaign to ensure it’s success. We have a perfect track record so far with no plan to change.

What type of engagement would you like? Would you like to see 500 authentic photos or videos produced, 100,0000 more brand impressions, thousands of product reviews, increase in website traffic by over 30%, or a peak in product sales? The type of engagement depends on the goals of your campaign. There are many types of campaigns we can run. Launch a campaign that gets influencers to share a message, create content, join a contest, provide a product review and more. For example, ReadyPulse-powered campaigns have driven the authentic creation of over 1.2 million pieces of content so far. As previously mentioned, we’re very proud to have a perfect track record with no plan to change.

The smallest duration you can sign up for is 1 month. However, most of our customers enjoy the success and traction of their campaigns on the ReadyPulse influencer Network, and renew month after month or invest in 3 – 12 month package upfront to achieve better price points.

All influencers that are in your target demographic will be recruited to engage with your campaign. Out of respect to our influencers and to ensure the highest level of engagement, we aim to expose campaigns relevant to their interests — based on the target persona and your goals. Influencers have the capability to adjust their interests at any time so that we can match them with the brands they love and want to work with.

Thousands of influencers with an average reach of over 38K will see your campaign. Engagement depends on your target demographic, incentives and interests. We will not show campaigns to influencers if they are not relevant to their interest. This is both good for you and them.

"The ReadyPulse Influencer Network gives me the opportunity to help my favorite brands. It is an honor to participate in their campaigns and spread their message."

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Getting influencers to spread your message is easy, cost-effective and enjoyable. Consumers wants to know about the hottest products from authentic people, not ads.

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Gain actionable insights with in-depth analytics for each campaign. We’re confident ReadyPulse’s Influencer Network will become your new favorite marketing channel.

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