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Prove the effectiveness of social influencers and easily identify who is the most valuable to your brand.

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Monitor and Measure with Social Influencer Analytics

The ReadyPulse platform uses patented technology to help you determine which social influencers are growing your business.

See who is influencing the most buzz, conversions and revenue for your brand with
rich influencer analytics and reporting including:

  • Social Influencer Ranking
  • Social Audience Size of Each Influencer
  • Total Number of Brand Mentions Across All Major Social Networks
  • Total Number of Content Generated by Each Social Influencer
  • Total Number of Times Your Social Influencer Shared Your Social Posts
  • Influenced Revenue Generated by Each Social Influencer

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Social Influencer Campaign
Analytics & Reporting

Track, monitor and measure your social influencer’s performance in each campaign they participate in with one real-time dashboard that provides comprehensive analytics including participation rate, content quality, influenced actions, and more.

Get measurable success with the following campaign types:

Conclusive Analytics to Measure Your Social Influencers Value

Measure the ROI of your social influencers with detailed analytics and reports that provide the following metrics:

  • Campaign Participation Rate
  • Engagement Rate on Social Influencer Campaign Content
  • Totals Clicks on Social Influencer Campaign Content
  • Total Influenced Conversions
  • Total Number of Brand Impressions
  • Total Number of Social Shares, Likes & Comments
  • Social Reach
  • Quality Score of Social Influencer Generated Content
  • Number of Times they Qualified for an Incentive

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to measure the ROI of social influencer marketing and your social influencers is to deploy a platform that does it in real-time and in an automated manner.  By comparing you platform investment to the traffic, brand impressions, influenced revenue and CTRs you can determine the ROI of your social influencers. ReadyPulse allows you to measure the ROI of all of your social influencers as well as individual social influencers. Stack rank your people to determine who is bringing the most value to your company and who needs more empowerment or removed from your strategy. Return On Investment (ROI) is calculated by the value of your social influencers compared to the investment that has been implemented by your marketing department.

First, determine your requirements and company's unique goals. ReadyPulse provides the leading social influencer analytics software for the world's best brands. Compare our platform for anything else you find or hear from others. Stack rank the analytics tools against your requirements to determine who best meets your needs.