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Harness the power of social influencers to promote, review and increase product awareness before launching new products into the marketplace to guarantee success.

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Strategic, People Focused New Product Launches

Emphasizing how the product affects the customer is proven to help new product launches succeed. So who better than your customers to share their authentic opinions about your product before it goes to market. ReadyPulse accelerates the time to market and adoption of your new products with an influencer strategy.

The Key to a Successful New Product Launch

Influencer Identification
& Recruitment

Find and get access to the best people to create buzz about your new product launch and influence people to buy

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Product Seeding
& Fulfillment

Don’t waste time seeding your new product to influencers. ReadyPulse has a streamlined process in place to take care of the heavy lifting for you

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Social Influencers

Once your social influencers receive the product activate them in campaigns to review, create buzz and drive referrals for your product

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Collect Social Proof

Collect and save user-generated content created by social influencers to increase trust and desire

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Social Campaigns

Leverage social media networks to create awareness and excitement among your audience

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Extend Content

Display user-generated content across your different marketing channels to influence and convert

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Proven Strategies for Successful New Product Launches

ReadyPulse gives you all the tools you need to make an impact for each product you launch.

Map out and execute your product launch with the power of social proof and engagement.

  • Collect authentic, social product reviews from seeding your product to influencers
  • Gain momentum with a referral program
  • Build anticipation for new products with a social promotion

Celebrate Your New Product Launches

With ReadyPulse, you’ll be a product marketing hero.

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