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What is ReadyPulse?

ReadyPulse collects, curates and displays a brand’s best customer content from social media. Using ReadyPulse’s patented technology, brands and retailers can easily showcase their most liked pictures, stories, videos, and testimonials from their most influential fans and customers. The best content from current fans, ambassadors and users goes where future customers can find it, in context: on websites, e-commerce sites, emails, mobile devices, or in store. The era of User Generated Content is fading and User Generated Commerce is exploding.

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Why ReadyPulse?

Because a brand’s best marketing asset is the positive enthusiasm from a customer expressed in a visual medium.

Right now, there is a disconnect between social media where we tweet, like, take pictures, comment, recommend and the websites where we shop and buy. Brands can receive millions of comments, photos, and reviews from real customers on social sites. Social signals are trusted more, because these posts come from real people, are usually visual, and engaging. But consumers don’t make product purchases on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, they buy on brand websites, where they are left to rely on static, sparse ratings and reviews that aren’t believable, searchable, or personalized. It’s a huge gap – and it’s widening as we increasingly rely on feedback from other users to help make decisions on everything from what to do, to where to go, to what to buy, when.

Brands recognize the power of authentic, visual social content, but are drowning beneath the flood of social content coming from all different directions. Managing that content flow is one thing, trying to find the relevant, engaging, influential, liked, <3’d, “useful,” pics, videos and reviews that will move new customers to try or buy is another. ReadyPulse does just that, simply and automatically. It sorts through social content and the content creators to get the most relevant and valuable user generated social content, from your most powerful, influential users, fans and ambassadors, enabling brands and retailers to market their “user generated commerce”. Specifics: We find the coolest, most relevant content from the best, most influential users. ReadyPulse is the only tool that combines social media analytics with social media curation. We sort through millions of tweets, videos, posts, likes, and reviews to find content that is most relevant for specific customers. If a female customer from Alaska is researching a Go-Pro camera to mount on her dog, ReadyPulse would display the most engaging photos and videos from Go Pro’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages taken by women in Alaska who use GoPro with their dog. ReadyPulse is simple and automatic. Unlike other tools that require a lot of time or a third party to use, ReadyPulse is automated. Customer photos can be on brand’s product pages in minutes – no additional technical assistance required. The ReadyPulse algorithm can be tweaked based on changing preferences and needs. ReadyPulse creates buzz at the speed of social media. With ReadyPulse’s real-time platform, as soon as a photo or comment goes up on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, it can be on a brand’s product page. Consumers can track the buzz back to real people, and the brand gains customer confidence. ReadyPulse helps companies see which social content is working. ReadyPulse uses the content that gets results. We track which comments and photos resonate best with specific audiences.

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What products does ReadyPulse offer?

ReadyPulse has four products within our Pulse Marketing Suite:

  • Pulse Stories allow online retailers to take advantage of high quality and relevant customer product photos, videos, and testimonials. This service identifies the best user content from a brand’s social sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and showcases the content on a variety of digital marketing channels including e-commerce sites, blogs, mobile applications and in-store displays.
  • Pulse Ambassadors helps brands build relationships with fans, influencers, customers, and paid talent. Brands can identify potential opt-in ambassadors and maintain in touch with them to request relevant content as needed. And unlike traditional ambassador programs that are highly time-consuming, ReadyPulse provides the technology to manage communication and content efficiently without the need of spreadsheets and emails.
  • Pulse Ads – helps brands turn the best social photos from their sponsored athletes into rich media ads to increase ROI on their display and social ad spend.
  • Pulse Promotions – helps brands build promotions around their best social content from their best content creators, implement those promotions on multiple channels, see which promotions and which content pulls best – and modify on the fly.

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What solutions does ReadyPulse offer?

ReadyPulse offers two solutions that are geared towards E-Commerce and Sponsored Athlete marketing.

  • Pulse for E-Commerce brands and retailers to turn website visitors into buyers by using the best customer photos, videos, and testimonials on product, category and checkout pages to provide social proof and confidence to increase conversions and website engagement. It also allows online sellers to capture free SEO for long-tail keywords searches by directly embedding best-performing user-generated content on the shopping pages.
  • Pulse for Athletes helps companies track what their athletes are putting on social media, and how effective each post is. The service also manages communications with athletes about what to post online and follows-up on whether they have.

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How do online brands and retailers use ReadyPulse?

Brands and retailers selling online retailers commonly display their best customer content on product, category, and campaign pages. ReadyPulse has a wide range of implementation options, including native plug-ins with WordPress and Magento to JSON/HTML API’s, and iFrames.

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Where does the content come from?

Two sources of opt-in content, existing content and content from promotions are brought together in the ReadyPulse User Content App.

Existing Content - A brand authorizes their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts with ReadyPulse. ReadyPulse indexes and analyzes the brand’s social audience and the social user content created.

Content from a Promotion – Generally a #hashtag campaign or through a social promotion, ReadyPulse will pull in relevant hashtag information and content generated by social promotions. ReadyPulse never scraps data or utilizes private information.

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What if someone doesn’t want their content posted to a brand’s website?

ReadyPulse pulls content shared on brands’ social pages. If a customer’s information is ever made private or deleted, the content is no longer displayed. ReadyPulse takes privacy and transparency seriously, and allows brands to enable opt-in and opt-out options. To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy.

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How does a brand ensure only positive content is posted?

ReadyPulse has a patented algorithm that evaluates the content creator, the content engagement, relevance, then sentiment. The platform makes recommendations based on the advocacy and engagement of the content creator and the content’s relevancy to the marketing campaign and its sentiment. The brand ultimately chooses whether to show all social content or select, ReadyPulse curated positive and engaging content.

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Who curates the content?

We find the coolest people talking about our clients, and automatically populate their brand pages with that content. Our clients have as much or as little control as they’d like: they can add or remove comments and change the parameters of our search.

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How do the customer photos get to the right product pages?

ReadyPulse allows customers to tag their products when uploading pictures. In addition, ReadyPulse has full product catalog integration to be able to automatically or manually associate a number of products to social photos. Lastly many clients are providing product specific hashtags to enable relevant content to automatically appear on the product page.

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Can I moderate the content?

Yes. Though by default ReadyPulse has dynamic and automated moderation, a brand always has ability to blacklist content creators or specific pieces of content. Tagging of content is enabled to allow for routing to customer support applications if needed.

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How does ReadyPulse prevent spammers from appearing on feeds?

ReadyPulse is committed to ensuring only the best content appears on our customers’ sites, and our algorithm prevents negative photos and comments from appearing on a brand’s site. Our clients can also monitor user profiles, flag spammers, and easily remove any undesired content from their display feed.

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What makes ReadyPulse different from other social content companies?

  1. ReadyPulse provides a true real time and self service capability, from logon to content display.
  2. ReadyPulse ensures only the highest quality and most relevant content will appear.
  3. ReadyPulse pulls all types of social content from all types of social networks,– to show the best content from the best creators, ambassadors and users.
  4. Our analytics allow brands to identify and build relationships with their top content creators, from fans and customers to influencers and paid endorsers.
  5. ReadyPulse’s content creator tracking tools offer quantifiable measurements on engagement, conversion, and revenue.

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Who uses ReadyPulse?

ReadyPulse’s client base includes any brand that wants to increase sales through digital marketing. We are best known in the apparel, shoe, action sports, jewelry, and beauty industries. For brands selling a product that typically involves a tactile experience before purchase, comments, photos, and videos from real users can reassure potential customers.

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Where did ReadyPulse come from?

ReadyPulse began with two "a-ha" moments. The first “a-ha” was found in the disconnect between social spaces and e-commerce. Because the amount of ratings and reviews are decreasing, brands wanted to leverage user generated social content, and have it appear where their customers were actually shopping . Second was the realization that 99% of social user content is not “website worthy”.

ReadyPulse was founded to solve these problems: to bridge the gap between social media and e-commerce, and to unearth only the best social user generated content.

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How is ReadyPulse funded?

ReadyPulse was incubated by Moxie Software, and has since raised capital from private technology investors. ReadyPulse is growing rapidly, and has locations in Bellevue, WA, Sunnyvale, CA, and Bangalore, India.

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How much does ReadyPulse cost?

Pricing depends on the size of the company and the products used. Products are billed on a subscription basis, with optional design and strategy add-on services.

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