Customer Story

"ReadyPulse has greatly exceeded our expectations. The ability to customize our brand ambassador program platform for our needs is a huge positive to working with ReadyPulse."

Adam Greene

SMITH, Director of Marketing

Revolutionary Action Sports Brand SMITH Increases E-Commerce AOV More Than 20%

SMITH turned to ReadyPulse to track their sponsored athletes social activities, and measure the ROI of each athlete to determine their most valuable sponsorships. After great success with tracking and managing their athletes, SMITH wanted to expand their social content strategy. After all, they had more time to focus on other initiatives now that they didn’t have to manually monitor their athlete’s social activities.

SMITH was founded in 1965 when they created the first-ever goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. Their invention would revolutionize the powder skiing experience and a global brand leader in the space. Based in Sun Valley, Idaho, they continue to build on their goggle heritage and extending its expertise settings the standard for high performance eyewear, goggles, and helmets. Smith Optics is also recognized for its unparalleled team roster of athletes, which boasts some of the top names in biking, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, motocross, and climbing. These athletes depend on SMITH under the harshest conditions and SMITH utilizes team input as a key element of new product design, performance testing, and coloration selection.

SMITH’s Challenge
SMITH already knew the fundamentals to a winning sponsorship strategy, but they lacked a way to determine a social ROI from their sponsorship deals. With an incredibility talented roster of athletes on their team they needed a more effective way to track and manage their athletes brand promotional activities on their various social media platforms. The main challenge SMITH faced was how to reduce the amount of time it took to took to track and monitor their athlete’s social promotion activity, as well as how to measure a ROI for each of their athletes.

A Suite Solution: The ReadyPulse Platform
Pulse for Athletes: Pulse for Athletes provided SMITH with detailed reports to understand which of their sponsored athletes promote their brand the most frequently and most effectively to ultimately determine the most valuable sponsorships. ReadyPulse’s reports provided SMITH with metrics such as number of brand mentions, reach, engagement rates, influenced revenue, best photos and videos, and stack rank using ReadyPulse’s patented scoring algorithm, Pulse Score. Pulse Score determines which content and which content creators will drive the most engagement and revenue for a brand. Smith was able to save multiple hours managing their athletes, allowing for increased use of Pulse Marketing Suite to create an effective content marketing strategy.

After experiencing the power of ReadyPulse’s technology, Smith wanted to expand their user generated content marketing strategy. Now SMITH faced a new challenge, how to curate the best content to display on their website, how to obtain usage rights for that content, where to display content on their website, and how to display it on their website?

Pulse Stories: Smith had featured social content on their website before, but they had never been able to display it with complete customization until now.

With Pulse Marketing Suite, SMITH was able to curate the best user generated content, associate relevant products to the content, and display it using a REST API to seamlessly integrate with their home page. Smith was pleasantly surprised to see some of the best content was from their sponsored athletes, reaffirming their sponsorships are valuable.

Smith Optics #SeeTheWorldDifferentlyPulse Promotions: #SeeTheWorldDifferently. SMITH ran an incentivized, enter-to-win, social promotion to collect high-quality, engaging, user generated content from Facebook users. Participants submitted their photos and videos in hopes of being awarded the best photo. SMITH collected 526 pieces of authorized UGC that they were able to repurpose in their marketing.

Pulse Ambassadors: SMITH is in the final stages of configuring their brand ambassador portal that will allow them to create on-demand campaigns to manage, recruit, and elevate ambassadors by specific region.

“ReadyPulse has greatly exceeded our expectations. The ability to customize our brand ambassador program platform for our needs is a huge positive to working with ReadyPulse. They are not another off the shelf product or service, it can be customized, whether through your own teams or with their managed services. It has been hard for us to utilize other softwares and services across the board because of their lack of flexibility.”
– Adam Greene, Director of Marketing, SMITH

Lifetime Results:

  • Unique Interactions: 128,501
  • Conversion Rate: 29.93%
  • AOV Increase: 22.14%
  • Engagement Rate: 6.72%
  • Sitewide Influenced Revenue: 14.44%

“ReadyPulse provides an almost automated way to curate and obtain usage rights for athlete/ambassador generated content and display it in our marketing in full compliance. They also provide educational materials on the rules and regulations behind displaying user generated content in full compliance. We appreciate working with a company that tells us what the boundaries are when it comes to displaying UGC, we feel confident working with ReadyPulse knowing we are legally following the rules.”
– Adam Greene, Director of Marketing, SMITH

About ReadyPulse
ReadyPulse is changing the face of digital marketing delivering social proof on-demand and at scale. Pulse Marketing Suite is a system of record for social content and social ambassadors for enterprise brands and retailers such as Nickelodeon, The North Face, and Reebok. Pulse Marketing Suite, a B2B, enterprise SaaS content commerce platform, is the most effective way to leverage social media photos and influencers helping enterprise brands and retailers drive commerce with 100% authorized, high quality, product relevant social user-generated content. Pulse Marketing Suite identifies the best 1% of photos and videos curated from hashtags, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, brand website, and Pulse Ambassador portal with patented technology. Digital marketers can identify and recruit the most influential social users as opt-in brand ambassadors, activate marketing campaigns on-demand, and amplify high quality, product relevant, authorized content in context of e-commerce experiences. Resulting in measurable significant increases in social referrals, web engagement, and e-commerce conversions.

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