Customer Story

"ReadyPulse allows me to execute campaigns from strategy to launch within two-to-three days so we are able to run various campaigns at one time."

Stephanie Pizzuti

ShoeDazzle, Fast Fashion Ambassador Program Coordinator

Trendsetting Fashion Retailer ShoeDazzle Grows Brand Ambassador Program 200%

ReadyPulse worked with e-commerce retailer ShoeDazzle to recruit and manage brand ambassadors in a formal program comprised of recurrent campaigns and surveys. The objective? To collect high-quality user-generated content, diversify, and increase brand promotion. Up until this time, ShoeDazzle had been manually managing their program — an approach that was time-consuming, inefficient, and expensive — while what they needed was a way to manage and activate their brand ambassadors effortlessly through their marketing campaigns. ReadyPulse partnered with ShoeDazzle to create a branded portal to house their recruited brand ambassadors and activate them in a variety of innovative, cost-effective ways.

About ShoeDazzle
ShoeDazzle ShoesShoeDazzle was founded in 2009 with the mission to spoil women who love fashion in a new way. ShoeDazzle believes style is a way of life, is deeply personal to each individual, and should always be fun. By curating major trends in shoes and fashion, ShoeDazzle offers a personal stylist shopping experience. What’s more, with the expert help of ShoeDazzle Chief Stylist, Rachel Zoe, millions of women learn how to take their own style to the next level with personalized fashion accessories, trend watches, style inspiration and an overall shopping experience intended to leave them dazzled.

ShoeDazzle’s Challenge
ShoeDazzle’s Chief Stylist, Rachel Zoe, believes everyone should have access to a personal stylist experience. ShoeDazzle delivers an inspirational browsing environment to consumers by curating major trends and personalized style picks tailored to their personas. Leveraging brand ambassadors to provide inspiration and spread the word about ShoeDazzle has long been a part of the retailer’s strategy. However, the number of resources needed to manage their brand ambassadors prevented the program from scaling. ShoeDazzle had to activate ambassadors to participate in campaigns using multiple platforms, then manually monitor each ambassador’s activity to determine if they met campaign requirements. Manual tracking was not only time consuming, it also didn’t always provide an accurate representation of ambassador efforts. Private social profiles and spelling errors would send the ShoeDazzle team in circles trying to collect campaign quality content and data from their ambassadors. Because the ShoeDazzle team would invariably overlook participation from some of their ambassadors, this approach was not only ineffective; it also resulted in a skewed perception of ambassador performance. If ShoeDazzle could not verify whether or not an ambassador completed campaign requirements, the ambassador could not properly be rewarded — something that was understandably frustrating for both brand and ambassador alike.

ShoeDazzle Stiletto Society Brand Ambassador Program“Manually activating ambassadors through emails, a private Facebook page, and conference calls was a nightmare. It was very hard to keep track of everything our brand ambassadors were doing, especially if they had private social profiles. We needed full access to all ambassador profiles and content to maximize our programs value.”

– Stephanie Pizzuti, ShoeDazzle Fast Fashion Ambassador Program Coordinator

ReadyPulse: The Perfect Fit
JustFab, ShoeDazzle’s parent company, shared their strategy to get a heel up on their brand ambassador program, ReadyPulse. This end-to-end solution for recruiting, managing, activating, and measuring their brand ambassadors’ participation allowed ShoeDazzle to not only scale their program, but optimize their strategy.

Now ShoeDazzle has a platform that enables them to create a branded portal to gain visibility to all ambassador social accounts, content, and brand promotion efforts. With the help of its powerful drag-and-drop landing page configuration tool, the ReadyPulse platform empowered ShoeDazzle to create a high frequency of detailed campaigns to suit their needs. And, thanks to the platform’s ability to collect and save all campaign content from the brand’s landing page, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it’s easier than ever for ShoeDazzle to measure the success of each campaign and their ambassadors and draw conclusions about which activations motivate their ambassadors to create the highest quality and quantity of content.

“ReadyPulse allows me to execute campaigns from strategy to launch within two-to-three days so we are able to run various campaigns at one time. Inspirational UGC is the gold we are looking for, and ReadyPulse mines the best content for us to use in our marketing.”
– Stephanie Pizzuti, ShoeDazzle Fast Fashion Ambassador Program Coordinator

Results That Stand Out
Program Growth Since Implementing ReadyPulse: 200%

Total Campaigns: 39
Survey Campaigns: 21
Content Collection Campaigns: 12
Content Collection and Survey Campaigns: 1
Call to Action Campaigns: 3

Best Campaign: New Year’s Eve Polyvore Challenge
Content Collected: 351
Authorized Content: 347
Average Participation Rate Campaigns: 23%
Shared Campaign Content on Facebook: 29%
Shared Campaign Content on Twitter: 12%

Surveys Published: 22
Best Survey: November Wrap Up Survey
Average Participation Rate Surveys: 25%

About ReadyPulse
ReadyPulse is changing the face of digital marketing delivering social proof on-demand and at scale. The ReadyPulse platform is a system-of-record for social content and social ambassadors for enterprise brands and retailers such as Nickelodeon, The North Face, and Reebok. A B2B, enterprise social influencer marketing platform, ReadyPulse, is the most effective way to leverage social media photos and influencers, enabling enterprise brands and retailers to drive commerce with 100% authorized, high quality, product relevant social user-generated content. ReadyPulse identifies the best one percent of photos and videos curated from hashtags, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, brand websites, and social influencer/brand ambassador content. This patented technology enables digital marketers to identify and recruit the most influential social users as opt-in brand ambassadors, activate marketing campaigns on demand, and amplify high-quality product-relevant, authorized content in context of e-commerce experiences. What results are significant, measurable increases in social referrals, web engagement, and e-commerce conversions.

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