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"We have been using Instagram for a couple years, but we could never accurately determine the full impact it made on our marketing. With LikeItWant.It, we can see the value of our social content, and it is one of the top sources driving traffic to our e-commerce."

Mark Samuel

Fitmark Bags, Founder and CEO

LikeItWant.It Steps Up Fitmark Bags’ Instagram Making Photos Shoppable

Summary: ReadyPulse partnered with fitness brand Fitmark Bags — a four-year-old company that has always found unique ways to set themselves apart from the competition — to drive traffic from Instagram to, the company’s ecommerce site. Recognizing that Fitmark needed a digital marketing strategy to target the right consumers, drive them to their site, and convert them into customers, ReadyPulse set to work helping Fitmark transform their Instagram into a shoppable feed and convert social browsers into loyal customers.

About Fitmark Bags
In 2011, lifelong fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur, Mark Samuel, created Fitmark Bags. Like a fine suit, Fitmark is an instant expression of who you are and what you believe — the true mark of a fitness enthusiast. Mark’s idea came from seeing his gym mates walking around with shapeless, simple, and uninspired bags. Knowing that these same intense, stylish, and successful people needed a bag that reflected their standard for excellence, Mark designed the first in a line of high-quality, functional bags that seamlessly integrate form and function and reflect the active consumer’s lifestyle and passions. Today, Fitmark Bags are the epitome of the company’s long-held belief that you can have it all: a sophisticated bag that also incorporates the highest-grade materials, innovative design, and superior quality.

Fitmark Bags Webinar UGCFitmark Bags’ Challenge
Although Fitmark Bags has entered the marketplace in an age when the daily importance of fitness and nutrition is a concept that’s sweeping the globe, distinguishing themselves apart from other brands hasn’t always been a walk in the park. Like many other brands, one of Fitmark Bags’ biggest challenge has centered around how to effectively target the right audience to increase awareness, site traffic, and conversions.

So, how did a young, growing, brand with a superior product grab the attention of consumers already loyal to long-established brands? Enter LikeItWant.It, ReadyPulse’s powerful digital marketing tool that does all the heavy lifting.

LikeItWant.It: Inspire with Strength
In leveraging LikeItWant.It to step up their digital marketing game, Fitmark Bags found a way to harness the power of their Instagram presence as never before. To begin with, Fitmark placed their custom LikeItWant.It link in their Instagram bio. This was a simple step that took just minutes to complete and one that enabled Fitmark to display a mirrored feed of their content that redirects Instagram users to the exact product detail page of featured products. As a result, every time an Instagram user sees Fitmark’s photos, they are inspired to find the same products featured in their Instagram content — all with the click of a button. Thanks to LikeItWant.It, Fitmark creatively targets an audience that knows and likes their brand, and one that is already demonstrating its willingness to click through to their site.

ReadyPulse Customer Story Fitmark Bags

“With digital and social advertising, there’s no guarantee I am reaching the consumers that will engage with my brand. The goal is to increase my site traffic, [but] I don’t want to spend lots of money making an impression on a consumer that won’t click because they are already loyal to another brand. With LikeItWant.It, we are able to target the right consumers with inspirational Instagram photos of people sporting their lifestyle, influenced by Fitmark Bags, and drive them to our site.”
– Mark Samuel, Founder and CEO, Fitmark Bags

• 7,266 Lifetime Views
• 75.5% Click-through Rate
• 21% of Organic Site Traffic

“We have been using Instagram for a couple years, but we could never accurately determine the full impact it made on our marketing. With LikeItWant.It, we can see the value of our social content, and it is one of the top sources driving traffic to our e-commerce. Making our Instagram feed shoppable was the simplest method to drive traffic, and the most valuable to our digital marketing strategy.”
– Mark Samuel, Founder and CEO, Fitmark Bags

About ReadyPulse
ReadyPulse is changing the face of digital marketing, delivering social proof on-demand and at scale. Pulse Marketing Suite is a system-of-record for social content and social ambassadors for enterprise brands and retailers such as Nickelodeon, The North Face, and Reebok. A B2B, enterprise SaaS content commerce platform, Pulse Marketing Suite is the most effective way to leverage social media photos and influencers, enabling enterprise brands and retailers drive commerce with 100% authorized, high quality, product relevant social user-generated content. Pulse Marketing Suite identifies the best one percent of photos and videos curated from hashtags, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, brand websites, and the Pulse Ambassador portal. This patented technology enables digital marketers to identify and recruit the most influential social users as opt-in brand ambassadors, activate marketing campaigns on demand, and amplify high-quality product-relevant, authorized content in context of e-commerce experiences. What results are significant, measurable increases in social referrals, web engagement, and e-commerce conversions.

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