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Watch The North Face’s Testimonial

“We looked at a couple of different competitors, and different people that were doing [influencer marketing], and ReadyPulse was really the only answer for us. It was completely whitelabled. We could make it our own, so it was really reflective of who we are…”

Jessica Hollister
Public Relations Manager
The North Face

Watch Quest Nutrition’s Testimonial

“The reason why we are using influencer marketing is because we have a huge influencer and super fan base. It was important for us to have a platform where we host all the different ambassadors in one area and also launch different campaigns directly to those ambassadors. ReadyPulse is the platform that allows us to do that…”

Alyssa Nimedez
Community Influencer
Marketing Manager

Quest Nutrition

Watch Reebok’s Testimonial

“…we’ve gone after these influencers who really connect with the customer. When the word comes from them, it really means something. [People] can really trust them. They may not know Reebok the brand, but they definitely know these influencers, these ambassadors. They grew up with them, followed them for years, so it’s really cool to see them tell our story through their eyes.”

Andrew Connor
Associate Manager

Watch Stance’s Testimonial

“With ReadyPulse, even though we had to build up our influencer network, within months we became ROI positive on the tool, and we were actually making a profit. The kicker is that it’s simple, part of our everyday lives.”

Brett Sirianni
Director of Social Media

Watch JustFab’s Testimonial

“We were doing everything pretty manually. A lot of Excel spreadsheets, stalking people’s social pages. We really needed a platform that can bring all of that content in one place and for us to also be able to discover new advocates that were out there talking about us.”

Claudia Vine
Community Relations Sr. Manager

Stephanie Pizzuti
Social Media Coordinator

Watch Labrada Nutrition’s Testimonial

“Influencer marketing, really, I think it’s the future… Millennials and everybody else is being bombarded with advertising all the time. What people want, is they want authenticity. [ReadyPulse] gives us a way to really understand our return on investment and really understand our influencers.”

Chad Jackson
Director of Marketing
Labrada Nutrition

Watch COOLA’s Testimonial

“We work with ReadyPulse because it is such a robust tool in helping us, first of all, find some of these influencers and also keeping them organized. And it’s a way for us to keep in contact with them constantly and to not drop the ball on keeping them engaged.”

Stefanie Mahan
Social Marketing

Watch’s Testimonial

“We’re using influencer marketing, because we want to be where the consumer is at. More people are staying on social media, so if we go to where the people are, that seems like a great strategy. And if we can scale that by having a whole army of people talking about our brand on those channels, that’s a great way to reach those customers.”

Jesse Ellis
Social Media Manager

Watch Tommy John’s Testimonial

“We didn’t do any marketing for several years, and we saw the success come from people referring. We want to continue to empower our customers and people that love us. And give them the tools to continue to promote Tommy John and build brand awareness.”

Monica Fineis
Director of Social Media
Tommy John

Watch 2XU’s Testimonial

“You can’t grow any further unless you get people talking about you, so the return for us on ReadyPulse is the level of engagement. The more people that engage in our product, the more people talk about the product, the more people are going to buy it in the future. At the end of the day, the investment is what we are truly seeking.”

Anthony Reeves
Global CMO

Watch Splendid/Ella Moss’ Testimonial

“A few weeks ago, we integrated product and UGC on our homepage and we’ve already started to see a great ROI. We’re on track for a 4 to 6 ROI.”

Shelby Jacobs
Social Media Coordinator
Splendid/Ella Moss