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"Where I wanted to go with our social sales, I knew I needed tools like ReadyPulse that could not only keep up with my vision, but also with the sheer volume of content and buzz that our fans generate around the brand."
"They are not another off the shelf product or service, it can be customized, whether through your own teams or with their managed services. It has been hard for us to utilize other softwares and services across the board because of their lack of flexibility."
"ReadyPulse has been a game changer for us. The ease with which our fans can move from loving a product on Instagram to purchasing it directly from our website is unprecedented."
"Running campaigns before was a huge hassle! I had too many tools in too many different platforms to execute just one campaign. ReadyPulse streamlined this process for me, and made running ongoing campaigns a breeze. "
"Inspirational UGC is the gold we are looking for, and ReadyPulse mines the best content for us to use in our marketing."
"LikeItWant.It is the perfect tool to marry the beautiful essence of our brand to the crucial product facts that, together, influence a consumer to buy. Finding the perfect way to incorporate both together and at what ratio is the challenge all marketers face, and LikeItWant.It helped us determine our winning strategy."
"With LikeItWant.It, we are able to target the right consumers with inspirational Instagram photos of people sporting their lifestyle, influenced by Fitmark Bags, and drive them to our site."
"ReadyPulse helps our team capture the analytics behind the scenes of our ambassador’s passion and creativity – which is very important to look at our growth. "
"The last three months have been pretty exciting to see how ReadyPulse has helped drive traffic, drive engagement, and — ultimately — drive revenue through our website... To see return on the investment right off the bat is really exciting. "
"With Pulse Marketing Suite we saw high conversions after fans entered (even before trying the snacks!), generating new fans and new leads. "
"ReadyPulse helped us to turn user generated photos into billboards for our products. By the last week of the campaign, we collected hundreds of engaging and authentic photos via ReadyPulse that naturally attracted more clicks. We were able to showcase our products whenever a website visitor clicked on the user photo. "
"ReadyPulse helped us capture our fan’s enthusiasm, and channel it to get the people hyped up about BTO Sports. #BeTheOne is a great way for our fans to get some exposure too. We are going to use Pulse Ambassadors to recruit fans as brand ambassadors to keep getting engaging content for our product pages. "